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Friday, December 16, 2005


Linux: Zones By Any Other Name...

The OpenVZ Project has announced its first stable release which is essentially a zone like patch to Linux. After the initial announcement Andrew Morton requested a high level overview of the patch and it looked like:
On the high-level the system looks like patched Linux Kernel with a
number of user space tools. The kernel itself boots on a usual Linux distribution like RHEL4 and works as usual. But there are extensions which allow to create a new VPS context.

User space OpenVZ tools use these extensions to do the following, e.g. on VPS start:

- turn on and configure quota on VPS file system subtree.
- chroot to this filesystem tree.
- create a UBC context with configured resource limits/guarantees.
- create a VPS context and exec init in this newly created environment.
- newly spawned init executes VPS initscripts as if it was a usual Linux box which has switched power on.

Sounds very similar to zones and is a kernel namespace and resource management framework...

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