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Sunday, December 04, 2005


Hardware: Intel's Roadmap Revealed...

Tom's Hardware has an article about Intel's rumoured roadmap. Its a reasonable read and it obvious that the increased competition from AMD has refocused Intel. A summary from the article:
Intel was surprisingly talkative when it came to future technologies and products this year. As a result, most of the technical audience is up to date regarding the upcoming micro architecture based on the 65 nm Merom design. We discovered that all of these announcements are the top of a hot iceberg only, because the chip firm intends to deliver almost 20 new processor designs within the next eight quarters; all for the sole purpose of dominating the desktop, mobile and enterprise segments.

Life must be tough for Intel currently, in the "Big Iron" chip market the Itanium is starting to look completely irrelevant compared to the SPARC offerings from Sun. Its interesting to compare the content of the Intel article, which seems to be about correcting a flawed vision, with this article from Sun which seems to be more concerned with continued vision rather than corrected, from the article:
"In the meantime, what I keep telling people is: To truly exploit the value of multicore and multithread, you have to start from scratch. That means a brand new core, a brand new pipeline, and that takes easily four years," Tremblay adds.
"So, fortunately, we started four years ago, through a variety of projects, and we'll see the fruits of that for the next several years, while you're not going to see anything new from the competition until probably the 45-nanometer generation, which is probably another two years away. That gives us a huge window of opportunity."

Anyway that's a quick round-up on chips for now. I have been quite quiet lately, due to a new project I have been working on which is connected (sort of) to this space, so I will be back soon with the results of my research into this new area.

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