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Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Does dtrace Have A New Friend?

When at the latest NC event in London today I attended a breakout session with Marc Tremblay and after all the usual questions at the end, I asked a simple one that interested me:
"You have obviously spent some time characterising workloads to understand them for your Niagra work - what tools did you use for this, were they standard Solaris tools?"

The answer contained the usual, yes we used previous generations of hardware, etc. Then suddenly the word dtrace is mentioned and I cynically expect a further plug of dtrace, however Marc mentions an extension to dtrace which is called dprofile, this allows for the studying of data structures through the software stack and into the hardware, sort of tying up the CPU counters and the dtrace profiling path - even more observability!

Had a quick scrounge around and do not see any indication of the tool anywhere...

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