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Saturday, November 26, 2005


Sparc: Throughput Computing Paper...

There is an interesting introductory article to CMT & CMP from Sun. Covers the recent advances in the Sparc chipset, introducing the coolthreads technology and the Sparc T1/IV+ chip. From the introduction:

Sun's Throughput Computing initiative is designed to specifically address these seemingly contradictory trends providing radically better levels of application and computational throughput while fundamentally changing the equation on space and power consumption. Chip multiprocessing and Sun's radical chip multithreading (CMT) processors with CoolThreads technology allow individual systems to deliver significantly more throughput in footprints that are the same or considerably less than previous generation systems enabling truly massive levels of simplification and consolidation. Simpler, cooler, and more efficient chip and system designs also dramatically lower both power and cooling bills, prolonging the useful life of many data centers while lowering dependence on shared energy resources. Efficient power and cooling is critical, as a recent survey indicated that data center managers report a 10 percent or more increase in power requirements over the past year and fully 41 percent reported that they anticipated upgrading their power and cooling systems over the next three years. Tags:

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