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Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Performance: PHP Performance Profiling...

The Linux Journal is running an article about PHP performance profiling. The main technique outlined shows how to identify hotspots in your code and is similar to the techniques you would use to tune any other body of code. Whilst its a nive intorductory articel on the topic it owuld have been nice to see some reference to the dtrace probe points that have been added to PHP.

This does start to touch on some personal thoughts I have been having recently about defining a standard API for inserting probe points into various dynamic languages, enabling authors of such programs to expose interesting profiling information on both dtrace and systemtap (assuming systemtap delivers user space probing), in fact this could just be a general profiling API for all Developers, something a bit like ARM. Anyway some research and serious thought is probably required on my part before I say too much more.

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