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Thursday, November 24, 2005


LWN: Nexenta & Debian Collide...

Not too surprisingly, the new darling of the OpenSolaris world, Nexenta has re-ignited the license debate and questioning of the motivation for Sun's choice of license. I am no legal expert so I will not comment on that aspect but I do agree with the following sentiment expressed in the article:

I'm amazed at the level of intolerance that's greeting a pretty major contribution to the free software community. There are, what, five major OS/kernels for PCs/workstations these days -- Windows, OS X, Solaris, BSD and Linux. How does it make any sense at all to be hostile to the fact that now four out of those five are free at their core?

Seems to me that this something that needs to be worked out so that the whole FOSS movement can move forward. Maybe I should learn more about the legalities of licensing before I dig too big a hole for myself - its an interesting read... Tags:

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