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Monday, November 28, 2005


Analysis: Queueing Theory Resources...

After watching Sun's recent scalability Webcast in which Bryan Cantrill pointed out that the best method for studying the vertical scalability of systems was to develop a mathematical model. I thought it might be time to trawl the web and see what Queueing Theory resources are out there. So here are a few links for those of you who are interested:

Free Books
Introduction To Queueing Theory
Queueing Theory
A Short Introduction To Queueing Theory
The Practical Performance Analyst

Of these, I can personally recommend the Practical Performance Analyst by Neil Gunther. In the 'free' version of the book he mainly uses the C based PDQ Toolkit, however if you buy the later book Neil has ported PDQ to Perl (its now on CPAN) and details how to use it - I would personally recommend buying the second book.

Related Papers & Articles
Computer Simulation Techniques: The Definitive Introduction!
A General Introduction To Queueing Theory
Queuing Analysis (A Practical Guide for Computer Scientists)
Queueing for Dummies

Any time spent studying this field is likely to pay dividends, particularly as software scaling is likely to be the hot topic of the next few years, as chips move to multicore.

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