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Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Reconfigurable Computing On OpenFPGA...

Recently I have been researching Reconfigurable Computing centering around the use of FPGAs. With the break down of Moore's Law due to cost ("High clock rate is a cost, not a benefit; it drives up costs of everything else in the machine"), as well as heat and power, the use of FPGA has become more attractive.

It seems in the modern technology landscape that when a technology matures and start to go mainstream someone adds the moniker "Open", so in true to this, I have been looking at the OpenFPGA site. The most useful section on the site is the presentations section which contains much useful information.

Current FPGA plays include:

- Cray's Application Acceleration System

It will also be interesting to see if IBM's Cell Processor becomes a Reconfigurable Computing play - their coming Linux support with spuFS hints at this, particularly with the bladeCenter based prototype system.

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