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Thursday, August 18, 2005


A Quick Update

So what have I been up to? Hopefully the next few sections will give a flavour of my life since I last blogged.

My Wedding
Well I married the woman of my dreams in Denmark in the middle of July. It was very hectic leading up to the wedding but we both managed to enjoy it. We were married in Saksild Church near Aarhus. I have lots of photos of drunken people that I might one day get around to publishing!

Fedora Core 4

Have been playing around with Fedora Core 4 and it has been a good experience. The install was breeze, updating the system with Yum could not have been easier. In fact I liked Yum so much I looked into it more, as I have worked with a number of build systems and update systems in my time. Well what a great idea, rip the headers out of RPM then use the python libraries from Anaconda to do the package reconciles – it really works and is a breeze to set up.
Establishing a repository and getting clients working is a breeze and I’m hoping to find the time to really discover the power of this tool. I just need to find the cycles to dig round the internet and see what use its being put too.

Started to play around with some -mm kernels to take a look at RelayFS and kprobes, as well as get an idea of the rate of change in the Linux kernels. Looks like there is some interesting stuff coming down the line in the kernel and every week when I get LWN there seems to be something significant happening.

Solaris 11 Beta 17

Am trying to get the Solaris 11 beta up and running. Downloaded the images and have not really got that much further. I have Fedora Core 4 on the first IDE drive and am trying to get Solaris on to the second.

The install is a bit clunky and I have not yet made it out the initial install screens. There seems to be some confusion about the partition table on my first drive and Solaris is not happy and will not let me get any further/just ignore my first drive. I could have tried to debug this from Solaris using the boot CD but the basic root environment is somewhat painful (sorry the Bourne shell is awful and I could not get my backspace key to map in the recovery shell), so I decided to put it off to the weekend and do the debug under Fedora. I would imagine that I will probably end up hosing my Fedora Core 4 install and giving Solaris a virgin box and then re-installing Fedora, as I’m sure it will install nicely no matter what the other disk looks like.

I am looking forward to playing with this release, the install and recovery stuff are cosmetic and can easily be overcome when building true infrastructure rather than messing around at home. It will be cool to have the latest and greatest of dtrace to play with and to see what else made it into this release. I’m also looking forward to re-acquainting myself with Solaris and working out how to get source for my release, etc. assuming this is possible, not sure of the exact relationship between the commercial releases and the Open Source product – only one way to find out I suppose.

I have also been starting to explore the community around OpenSolaris. It seems quite good and all of the Sun guys seem to very helpful and open. Changed days indeed, I can remember emailing Richard McDougal a number of years ago with some memtool questions and never hearing anything, now he blogs and actively participates in the OpenSolaris community, this can only be a good thing for the people opting for the OpenSolaris community. All of the community eforts seem to have Sun's backing and technical sonsorship from people who really know their stuff inside Sun.

Am still hoping to find the time ot do some serious tehnical writing. My charming wife is going to scout New York as a potential new place to live (if she likes it we will probably relocate their), so I may have more time on my hands in the coming weeks, you never know...

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