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Sunday, July 03, 2005


Tidying Up My Bookmarks & Delicious Site...

Unfortunately I have been spending most my time focusing on the import of my old bookmark collection into delicious. I am just retagging them all with relevant keywords. Its quite time consuming then I will refactor the keywords, there's a few tools out there and a thin Perl module that wraps around the API and allows you to do funky stuff from Perl, so maybe I'll be able to automate some of the refactoring. Once this is complete I wil ldo some more on the skeleton of the site and then finally get onto some content.

Have aslo been looking into RSS readers, particularly those that have blogger integration. As this will allow me to post directly into this blog from my research. Will eventually select a tool and start to do this. Have also looked at some text-to-speech stuff and am thinking on knocking something up to do podcasts of my content - again updates as, if and when I make progress.


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