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Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Bits & Pieces...

Today for whatever reason (Linux kernel crash dump analysis) I was brushing up on my Intel assembler. It was nice to be that close to the iron again and the book that I use (Programming From The Ground Up - An Introduction To Programming Using Linux Assembly Language) started me thinking on the Tube (I live in London, England) about hand optimised code. It was so nice to be writing assembler and be able to use objdump to get back what I had written prior to the generation of the object code and the subsequent topping and tailing of the linker.

It was fun to think about this for a short while on the Tube but eventually I had to admit that compiler writers are smart people and that compiler optimisations are well understood and now into their third or fourth generation. But its nice to dream that Sinclair Spectrums and Commodore 64s are still here and that all that memory has made us bloated, middle-aged and sloppy (instead of that processor performance has increased at four to five times the rate of hard drives, meaning we need relatively more cache than we once did).

Oh well - back to reality...

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